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                                    Spokane, Washington

RockwellInland Empire Baseball Umpires Association's (IEBUA) purpose is to recruit and train quality baseball umpires in the greater Spokane, Washington area.  Our goal is to improve the overall quality of umpiring in youth league, high school and college baseball through innovative teaching, educational programs, and superior educational resources. 

Baseball umpiring presents a tremendous opportunity to participate in the great game of baseball.  Umpiring is both challenging and rewarding, and as a bonus gives you the best view of the game.

The IEBUA offers a comprehensive training and development program in Spokane, Washington for prospective and existing umpires.  These programs enable umpires to follow a career path that leads all the way to the Olympic Games or a career as a professional umpire in the USA.


If your school, organization or league is looking for baseball umpires please fill out the form on our Contact Page.

Interested in umpiring next season?  Fill out form on our Contact Page and we'll contact you when we start training (Jan 2017)


Board of Directors: President - Garth Benham, Vice President - Kevin Gawenit, Secretary - Jeff Golding, Immed. Past President -NONE, Member at Large - Shel Moe, Member at Large - Chuck Brant
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